Timelines - Support

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Features and License

Do you want to know what the visual can do? Or interested in licenses?
See Timelines Product page.

Youtube channel

See our help videos on Youtube.


See the separate documentation page.

Where do I get the visual?

There are two ways to get the visual:

1) AppSource website
You can download the visual file and example report from the AppSource website. After downloading the visual file, select “Import a visual from file” in Power BI desktop and select the downloaded file.

2) Import directly to report
Use the Power BI’s “Get more visuals” feature and add the visual directly to your report.

Ideas, comments, or feedback?

We are more than happy to hear from you. Send mail to support (at-the) craydec.com.

Version history and release notes


  • Multiple entities can be used
  • Start and end accept dates and numbers
  • Drill-through
  • Drill-down
  • Asynchronous draw with customizable batch size
  • Support for 30.000+ data points
  • New sortable table for entities (requires license)
  • Floating (=fixed) x-axis (requires license)
  • Floating (=fixed) legend (requires license)
  • X-axis label can be rotated
  • Setting to append times to dates (to work with plain dates)
  • Patterns (textures) for data bars (requires license)
  • Link can be opened from a data point (requires license)
  • Sorting from settings or clicking header (requires license)
  • Localized and customizable date labels in x-axis (requires license)
  • Selection tools: brush, multiselect, disabled (brush requires license)
  • User selectable fonts (requires license)
  • ‘No data’ text customizable (requires license)
  • Data bar stroke customizable (requires license)