Regression Chart

Craydec’s Regression Chart is a Custom Visual for Microsoft Power BI-platform. Its distinctive features include the ability to handle a large amount of data fast. It also has the capability to create small multiples (facets) on multiple attributes.

When you have lots of data with many attributes, you really want to use Craydec’s visuals.

Features in action

How can I get it?

It’s easy. Check if you need a license, buy one, download and start using. You’ll be up and running in minutes.

1. Do I need a license?

Visual has a free and a full version. If the free version has all the features you need then, by all means, stick to the free version. It’s free. Always.

Feature / VersionFreePaid
Fast dataloadUser selectableUser selectable
Dynamic dataloadYesYes
Rendering modesNormal / Fast / ExportNormal / Fast / Export
Datapoint selection SingleMultiple
Maximum data rows1.000Power BI limit (30.000)
Subgroup colorsAutomaticDesigner can select
Small multiples (facets)-Yes. Multiple dataroles.
Labels for small multiples-Yes

All licenses are valid for a one year. As of April 2019 licenses do not renew automatically. Please make sure to renew and update the license key to all your visuals, as the key will change when license renews.

2. How many licenses do I need?

People who create reports need a license. Note that only designers need a license; report viewers don’t need one and price does not depend on how many people are viewing your reports.

We believe that good reports should be distributed to everyone; we don’t want to stand in the way if you create great reports and people want to see them.

3. Buy a license

To purchase a 1-year subscription (or a trial) license you can use our webstore.

To purchase a perpetual license or license our code, contact our sales by email.

4. Download

See the support page.

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See the support page.