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Features and License

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Youtube channel

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Where do I get the visual?

There are two ways to get the visual:

1) AppSource website
You can download the visual file and example report from the AppSource website. After downloading the visual file, select “Import from file” in Power BI desktop and select the downloaded file.

2) Import directly to report
Use the Power BI’s “Import from Marketplace” feature and add the visual directly to your report.

Ideas, comments, or feedback?

We are more than happy to hear from you. Send mail to support (at-the)

Version history and release notes

2.0.1 / 17.3.2021

  • Cusum-Chart
  • EWMA-Chart
  • Specification limits (USL, LSL)
  • Process target line
  • Drill-through support
  • Open link from datapoint
  • Data point annotation (change color)
  • User setting for Y-axis scale min. and max.
  • User setting for line style

1.2.0 / 10.10.2019

  • Custom limits (UCL, CL, LCL, UCLv, LCLv)
  • Drill-down support
  • Tooltips work S- and R-Charts (and measures)
  • Run test colors for both sides (upper/lower)
  • Run test tooltips customizable
  • User setting to force positive LCL
  • User setting for background color and opacity

1.1.0 / 22.4.2019

  • Facets
  • np/p/c/u-Charts
  • Setting grouping clearer
  • Tooltips, selections & run tests to free version
  • Custom sized data-area
  • User option: failed run test color
  • User option: x-axis label rotation
  • User option: value label for UCL/LCL, CL
  • User option: x/y label tick size
  • User option: facet label on/off
  • User option: facet common y-axis on/off
  • Fix: X-axis label overlapping
  • Fix: failed run test indicator position
  • Fix: data point without value caused a crash
  • Fix: data points rects IE/Edge
  • Fix: data points selection to point middle

1.0.0 / 2.4.2019

  • Initial version.